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Jalo Porkkala comes from the Ostrobothnian region in Finland. Sparse rural lands certainly have an influence on his work. He has worked especially with documentary photography – museum, theatre, press, industrial and architectural work – and gradually moved on to various educational assignments.

As a museum photographer, in early 1980s, Jalo became interested in historical and alternative photographic processes. They would be showing the direction for his work in decades to come. Since there were no old time photo papers available for re-printing the museum's 19th century glass negatives, he experimented with preparing some by himself.

While working as a teacher at an art school Jalo launched a research project on alternative photo and printmaking processes. The aim was to study and teach traditional techniques, assisted by modern digital technology. The project team collaborated with alt-photo collections and attended symposiums, also presenting their work in Europe and America.

Jalo's path in photography has led him back in time, in a way, towards the earliest processes and related plain expression. For a few years now his main interest has been the Daguerreotype process, published in 1839. Currently he is working with the Daguerreotype and has also conducted workshops in Finland.

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